Your First Day

Preparing for Your First Day

Once you have accepted a spot and paid your deposit, you’ll want to prepare for your child’s first day at E&D. We know that child care can be overwhelming at first, especially in a co-op where you have additional responsibilities which is why we set up a 30 minute meet and greet with your family before your child’s first day.

What to expect
Prior to your first day, you will be added to our E&D Google Group to receive emails from our staff and other parents. You will also be contacted by email by our school nurse, parent orientation coordinator,  cleaning/TA shift scheduler, and secretary. They’ll help you through getting medical documents, background checks, and paying tuition. There may be a lot of information and conversations at first. Please ask us anything if it gets too confusing.

Required Paperwork
The Director will provide you with the required forms and parent handbook that must be on file for you and your child before your child’s first day.

Helpful tips

  • You have time to adjust! Your cooperative responsibilities start the month after you enroll. This gives you time for orientation, to ask questions, and to focus on the transition for you and your child.
  • You’re welcome anytime. Come ahead of time to meet your child’s caregiver, adjust to the environment, talk about your routines, and get yourself comfortable with E&D. Please let Emily know you’re coming ahead of time so we can make sure your child’s caregiver is available for conversation. Your child’s caregiver will be with you for your full time at E&D, moving with your child to different classrooms. She’s committed to developing a relationship with your family and will be your best support at E&D.
  • You aren’t alone. The other parents at E&D have been through this, too, and may have wonderful advice for you. Utilize them as resources!
  • Ask us anything. Please email or call with any questions or concerns. We’re here to help you through this transition!

Program Philosophy
E&D follows the Reggio Emilia Approach to Early Childhood Education. More information about this philosophy is located here.

Immunization Policy
E&D is committed to keeping all children safe and healthy. We only accept children who are fully immunized or who have medical exemptions.

Additional Information
Please explore the rest of this website for more information on our program, policies, and tuition rates. Our tuition rates and more are available here. Contact with any questions.