Virtual Tour

Thank you for considering Explore and Discover for your infant and toddler program. The purpose of this video is to share more about our community and allow you to virtually see our environment.

We are located in the lower half of Wheat Ridge Congregational Church of Christ at 6310 West 29th Street.  Although we share space with the church, E and D is not affiliated with this or any religious organization.

Explore and Discover began as a co-operative in April of 2002 by a community of families sharing the responsibilities of raising children, together.  We were located in a shared space just up the road for 14 years, and when we had to move in April 2016 Pastor Claudia and the congregation opened their hearts and their space to us, supporting us in building-out the baby room, knocking down walls to make larger classrooms and creating a magical playground space.

E and D remains an intentional community.  Our families are committed to being an active member in our community such as spending time in a classroom, cleaning, as well as helping with a specific part of the program, attending parent meetings and helping with school improvement’s.

We have been a NAEYC accredited center since 2012 and were recertified in Jan 2020. In 2018 we were awarded a public health award form Jefferson County. An honor that has never been given to a childcare in the past.

We are inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach, which is best described as environment is the third teacher as we use the world around us to help guide the children into exploration. A caregiver’s job is to allow children to become an active member of our community through exploration, discovery, and play. We like to share the children’s experiences through documentation that is displayed through out the school and tells a story of the children’s specific experience.

We have 8 full time staff including the Director. All staff at Explore and Discover have a true passion for early childhood education. Please check out their bio’s on the staff page to learn more about us individually.

E&D practices continuity-of-care model which means each group of children start and end their time at E&D with the same teacher and group of children. All classrooms follow a 5:1 ratio.

Wait list information us listed under the Joining Us tab.

Infant Room

  • Is licensed from 6 week to 18 months &walking with 10 children to 3 teachers. Infants typically transition to the ‘TWEEN’ room around 14 months and walking.
  • Parents bring all of children’s food 6 weeks to 12 months. Once children are 6 months and sitting up, we can then start offering solids.
  • Day to day routines, requirements and policies are discussed in your 30 minutes meet and greet with the director and your child’s caregiver.


  • Licensed from 12 months and walking to 2 yrs.
  • Day to day routines, requirements and policies are discussed in your 30 minutes meet and greet with the director and your child’s caregiver.
  • Switch from cribs to cots, start focusing on self-help tasks and food prep.


  • Licensed from 12 months and walking to 2 yrs.
  • Children at E and D stay in the Toddler room until their 3rd birthday after this date we are no longer licensed for your child to attend.
  • Once you move into the toddler room, we can start supporting potty training for your child as the toddler room has a child sized bathroom.
  • Day to day routines, requirements and policies are discussed in your 30 minutes meet and greet with the director and your child’s caregiver

Our playground is lovingly cared for by the children, staff and parents in the community. We use our playground as much as possible! Anything below 32 and above 93 is not permitted. Twice a year we have workdays that all parents participate in helping build things we need, fix things that are broken, and clean the playground.

There is a large condo construction project going on next door that is slated for completion in Spring of 2022.  The kids really love watching the action but it has taken some time to get used to the noise.

Once children turn one, we provide a morning and afternoon snack along with milk at morning snack and lunch. We ask families to provide a lunch and all food/milk for children under the age of 1. Serving Organic dairy, following USDA portion requirements

Sick policy
Fever 100 or above, vomiting twice in an hr, 2 blowout diarrheas in an hour, or any other contagious symptoms parents will be contacted to pick up immediately. All children need to be symptom/ medication free for 24 hrs unless otherwise stated by a doctor. The director emails the coop stating that we have a confirmed illness so the entire community is aware.

Once joining our community, we have a google group where we communicate important upcoming events, daily journals, and important weekly reminders. We have several different community events from Moms night out to pizza parties.

Thanks again for your consideration.  If you’re interested in scheduling a walk-through tour, please contact the Director at